COHOES IDA Responsible for the following projects: Water View Apartments 2011 • Harmony Mill Lofts Riverview 2009 • Eddy Village Green Nursing Home Complex 2008 • Zandri office addition on I-787 (2001) • Hudson River Savings Bank on Mohawk St (2002) • American Housing Foundation on the new 90 unit Seniors Complex on Columbia St. (2003) • Victor Carrybag Demolition (2003-04) • Admirals Walk Condo development on Delaware Avenue (2005) • Harmony Mill Loft Apartments (2005) • Cohoes Professional Center (2006) • Rite Aid (2006) • Waterside Luxury Apartments (2007)

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The Cohoes IDA Committee Meeting
December 19, 2017


A Message from the Executive Director

Hon. Shawn Morse - Chief Executive Officer 
2016 has been a year of transition for the new Cohoes IDA administration. The Staff and Board of the Cohoes Industrial Development agency has been hard at work streamlining the application process and bringing the process in compliance with the 2015 New York State Public Authorities Law Reform Legislation. In addition, the Board has approved a comprehensive set of new policies and procedures required by the New York State Public Authorities Law and Article 18-A of the General Municipal Law. Please see a list and copies of all policies and procedures adopted by the IDA under the Policies Tab on the website.

IDA staff has also been working on a comprehensive review of all IDA documents and has developed document retention policies and procedures for electronic storage of documents that has resulted in a new document management system for the IDA. This new system will assist the IDA in being more transparent in making documents readily available to the public pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law.

As always, we continue to work towards Cohoes Proud.

Hon. Shawn Morse - Chief Executive Officer


2014 Regional Economic Development Council Awards Booklet
City Of Cohoes has been awarded
Comprehensive Plan Development
Award $51,500
The City of Cohoes will revise its Comprehensive Plan to address both the needs of the community and evaluate how these needs fit into the strategic plan for the region. The Plan will foster regional collaboration, open doors to new funding opportunities, and is expected to increase the number of jobs.

Combined Sewer Overflow(CSO)Clean Water Project
Award $30,000 
The City of Cohoes will complete an engineering report to address combined sewer overflows at Vliet Blvd. This project is identified in the Albany Pool CSO Long Term Control Plan. 

Matton Shipyard Adaptive Reuse Project
Award $238,642 
The Erie Canalway Heritage Fund (ECHF)will develop a feasibility plan for the Matton Shipyard to develop a strategy for preservation and use of existing structures and waterfront, including one building used as ECHF headquarters; identify a flood protection strategy; and assess the feasibility of a multi-agency use of the site.
The Matton Shipyard, established in 1916, is located on Van Schaick Island in Cohoes, New York at the junction of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. Matton is a rare surviving example of an early 20th century civilian ship building and repair facility. 

2014 Regional Economic Development Council Awards  

The Mission of the Cohoes Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is to promote, develop, encourage and assist in acquiring, construction, improving, maintaining or equipping certain facilities thereby advancing the job opportunities, health, public safety, recreational opportunities, general prosperity and economic welfare of the people of the City of Cohoes. This can be accomplished by supporting the goals and plans of the City of Cohoes which include growth of the City through innovative programs and increased tourism and trade.

The agency was formed under the New York State Industrial Development Agency Act of 1969, and is governed by a Board of five people.
                                                                               Date Adopted:  9/10/2012
Performance Goals:

• To meet all legal requirements of the Agency.
• To review project employment goals and the
   achievement of those goals.
• To make decisions consistent with the Agency’s mission statement.
• To make decisions that will promote and ensure the
  prosperity of the residents of the City of Cohoes.
• To support the City of Cohoes by investing in projects that
   will create opportunities for the continued growth of the City.
Security cameras along Remsen
Street meant to promote safety, security
The city’s Industrial Development Agency, which funded
The Cohoes Industrial Development Agency is appointed by the mayor and common council. Seven non-compensated members are chosen to the board. The agency is able to provide Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS) , bonding assistance and sales and use tax exemption for new construction and business.

The Cohoes IDA helps to provide industrial revenue bonds to larger, financially strong, industrial, manufacturing, agribusiness, corporate offices and research and development projects that are best suited for this form of financing. An alternative to industrial revenue bonds would be a Sale/Lease Back Transaction ideally suited for real estate/facility projects.

Industrial facilities constructed and/or reconstructed with the use of Industrial Revenue Bonds or Sale/Lease Back Transactions through the CIDA are eligible for real property tax exemptions. The agency holds title to the project and a Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS)  is negotiated between the agency and the company that abates a portion of the real property tax.

For more information about either one of these entities please contact their offices at 518.233.2117  

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