COHOES IDA Responsible for the following projects: Water View Apartments 2011 • Harmony Mill Lofts Riverview 2009 • Eddy Village Green Nursing Home Complex 2008 • Zandri office addition on I-787 (2001) • Hudson River Savings Bank on Mohawk St (2002) • American Housing Foundation on the new 90 unit Seniors Complex on Columbia St. (2003) • Victor Carrybag Demolition (2003-04) • Admirals Walk Condo development on Delaware Avenue (2005) • Harmony Mill Loft Apartments (2005) • Cohoes Professional Center (2006) • Rite Aid (2006) • Waterside Luxury Apartments (2007)

Cohoes Industrial Development Agency

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Job Posting:
The City of Cohoes Industrial Development Agency is seeking an Executive Director.

The Executive Director shall provide leadership to carry out all activities to support economic development in the City of Cohoes and shall manage effective public relations and marketing, educational programming, regional outreach grant development and public image.

Please send resumes to:
2022 Executive Committee Meeting Schedule Meetings start at 4:30 p.m.
Meetings are held at City Hall
Common Council Chambers
2nd Floor

2022 Regular Monthly Meeting Schedule Meetings start at 4:30 p.m.
Meetings are held at City Hall

Common Council Chambers
2nd Floor

Regional Economic Development Council
City Of Cohoes has been awarded

2016 Regional Economic Development Council Awards

City of Cohoes Sidewalk Improvement Project
Award $300,000
Funds will be used to replace non-compliant sidewalks in the Historic District along Remsen Street from Cayuga to Ontario Streets.

The City of Cohoes' Erie Canal Bicentennial Celebration
Award $62,500 
The City of Cohoes will develop canalrelated exhibits in time for the Erie Canal Bicentennial, featuring a model of a working lock, a Harmony Mills machinery model, and
interactive kiosks. The project will celebrate the Canal’s legacy to the development of
Cohoes and New York State.

Cohoes Visitor Center
Award $62,000
This project will create an engaging Canal exhibit for the Cohoes Visitor’s Center in time
for the Erie Canal bicentennial celebration and will feature a model lock and other model machines. The project is part of a larger revitalization effort to support tourism in Cohoes.

2017 Regional Economic Development Council Awards

Canal Square Park
Award $415,000
The City of Cohoes will install porous pavers, bioretention, street trees and a rainwater
harvest and reuse system at Canal Square Park. This project will revitalize a deteriorating
city park by establishing the Remsen Street Arts and Heritage District and also improve
water quality in the Hudson River by reducing runoff to a combined sewer system.

Canal Square Park Expansion Project
Award $500,000
The City of Cohoes has prepared a plan to construct improvements and to expand Canal
Square Park. The acquisition of the adjacent parking area (84 Remsen Street) facilitates
this expanded park/site programming. Canal Square Park will serve as a gathering and
event space and broaden programming on the site to spur additional visitation, recreation, and investment in downtown.

City of Cohoes Sidewalk Improvements
Award $300,000
Funds will be used to replace non ADAcompliant sidewalks in the Historic District along Remsen Street.

Columbia Street Green Infrastructure Phase II
Award $72,000
The City of Cohoes will complete an engineering report to study installation of green infrastructure practices and construction of separate storm and sanitary
sewers to eliminate combined sewer overflow.

Construction of Remsen Street Sidewalks - Ontario Street to Howard Street
Award $464,100
As part of an ongoing sidewalk improvement project in downtown, the City of Cohoes will reconstruct sidewalks along both sides of Remsen Street from Ontario to Howard
Streets. The Complete Streets improvements will encourage walkability, promote
economic growth, and ensure the safety and convenience of pedestrians, bicyclists, and
users of nearby mass transit.

The Mission of the Cohoes Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is to promote, develop, encourage and assist in acquiring, construction, improving, maintaining or equipping certain facilities thereby advancing the job opportunities, health, public safety, recreational opportunities, general prosperity and economic welfare of the people of the City of Cohoes. This can be accomplished by supporting the goals and plans of the City of Cohoes which include growth of the City through innovative programs and increased tourism and trade.

The agency was formed under the New York State Industrial Development Agency Act of 1969, and is governed by a Board of five people.
                                                                               Date Adopted:  9/10/2012
Performance Goals:

• To meet all legal requirements of the Agency.
• To review project employment goals and the
   achievement of those goals.
• To make decisions consistent with the Agency’s mission statement.
• To make decisions that will promote and ensure the
  prosperity of the residents of the City of Cohoes.
• To support the City of Cohoes by investing in projects that
   will create opportunities for the continued growth of the City.
Security cameras along Remsen
Street meant to promote safety, security
The city’s Industrial Development Agency, which funded
The Cohoes Industrial Development Agency is appointed by the mayor and common council. Seven non-compensated members are chosen to the board. The agency is able to provide Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS) , bonding assistance and sales and use tax exemption for new construction and business.

The Cohoes IDA helps to provide industrial revenue bonds to larger, financially strong, industrial, manufacturing, agribusiness, corporate offices and research and development projects that are best suited for this form of financing. An alternative to industrial revenue bonds would be a Sale/Lease Back Transaction ideally suited for real estate/facility projects.

Industrial facilities constructed and/or reconstructed with the use of Industrial Revenue Bonds or Sale/Lease Back Transactions through the CIDA are eligible for real property tax exemptions. The agency holds title to the project and a Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS)  is negotiated between the agency and the company that abates a portion of the real property tax.

For more information about either one of these entities please contact their offices at 518.233.2117  





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